Thursday, August 2, 2012


Hey guys, haven't been blogging for awhile :( coz I have been really realllyy realllyyyyyyy busy with school :( WEHHH. No time for myself at all eh. :( or for my boyfriend for that matter. Ah wells, at least all the modules that I am somehow having a problem with are more or less over :). Hee. S&W ended up on monday :( really miss netball eh. I kinda fell in love with it for the past sem. But yeah, that is one module down :). Writcomm is also over, webgra is also over. AHHHHHHH. :( THIS WHOLE YEAR IS PASSING BY WAY WAYYYYY TOO FASTTTTT :( NOOOOOO. Haha, but yeah :) Hopefully I do well to make my daddy proud :D. Managed to actually paint my nails yesterday :D whoot whoot. Like FINALLY, after like 2 weeks. Oh, I got new spectacles too :D COACH. Hehe. They make me look "hot" according to my boyfriend <3 :D yayy. I AM HOT, HAHAH. Gosh I am so tired. Been really stressed out the past 2 weeks :( I can't even sleep well at night stressing over all the work I have to do. It is a recurring fight between my body and my mind. My mind won't stop thinking and like my body won't function well. Haven't really been eating much at nights either. It is funny how nights REALLY REALLY STRESS ME OUT. Because it shows how the day is ending and I've just lost more time. Sigh. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I AM SO STRESSED OUT. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. I'M BECOMING A VINOD. NOT FUNNY. Okay. I need to chill. HAHAH. Can't wait for sem break :) 2 more weeks. I will really miss my class though :( They have been really awesome. Some people stereotype the FMS kids saying they are mean and bitchy but my classmates are really really nice. Everyone is nice once you get to know them I guess. HAHA. I still judge though. My judging skills are pretty spot on. :) I will really misss my classmates during sem break :'(. I think we are actually quite bonded and that just warms my heart. Seeing people console each other and spur each other on :'). 

I have decided that during sem break I will get something new or do something new :D I am gonna get my navel piercing this sem break. DO OR DIE. MUST GET IT. I just wanna know how it feels like. HAHA. Not like I'm really gonna go around and show people since y'know my tummy is really bigg :( boo. But yeah. Just for the experience :D if it turns out alright I might keep it for the long term but for now I am planning to keep it till it heals and just take it out. HAHA. I have issues. I like doing things for the fun of it. Its nice to know the different levels of pain I guess. ISSUES. 

HAHA. I did something really retarded. HAHA I called my awesome friend Gabby to ask her about digpho and like she asked me to check my email and I started looking around for my phone, only to realise my phone was on my hand coz I used it to call her ._. OOPSIE. HAHA GTG! THE 9 OCLOCK SHOW IS STARTING :D BYEEEE 

xoxo Sammy Valentina 

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