Saturday, September 22, 2012


SO, I had a list of things I wanted to do during this holiday :D and I am happy to say most of those things are DONEEE. :D muahahahah. So yup, I am working now :D I have a navel piercing, I've finished all the SAW movies and both The Ring and The ring 2, Did my nails :), Saved and shopped, Swam ONCE :) (ITS SO HARD TO CONTINUOUSLY EXERCISE) and yeahhh. My holidays have been pretty good so far I guess :) despite the fact I've been REALLY BUSY :( Haven't had the time to really hang out with anyone coz I wanna keep working and on the days I'm not working I kinda have to spend time with my mum. Ah wells :(.

So yeah, I've started working at Sentosaaa :D awesome place, awesome people :) I would love to get out in the sun more and maybe even swim in the sea. But everyone there is so fit and good-looking I feel like shit in my swim wear, I don't wanna be saved by a fellow co-worker if I drown and I am afraid of the sea ._. So yup, I stay in the office near the beach :) CLOSE ENOUGH. HAHA. Everyone there is really nice :), like they're so friendly and funny. Made quite a few close friends there :). Still don't think I'm ready to find a new best friend :/. Ah wells, QUE SERA SERA. HAHA. 

Just got home from a camp actually :) TCP CAMP! :) It was freaking awesome. To be honest, I had half the mind to NOT GO for camp on Sunday and I was all ready to pay them the $500 just so I can stay at home with my bed and my Puffy :( I was really depressed the night before camp. Thinking about how I'm gonna be bored to death, how I won't be able to have a comfortable shower or toilet for the next 3 days, how I won't be having my bed, how I'm gonna be missing out on work stuff etc. It was quite bad. Haha, I was just whining about how it was gonna be a waste of my time and how I really have NO idea what I can benefit from this camp that is different from all the other leadership camps I've been to. So yup, with a heavy heart I left for camp on the monday morning. HAHA, Puffy stayed over the night before and walked me to the bus stop. I was kinda emo on the bus with my big heavy bag (I PACKED SO MANY T-SHIRTS. HAHAH) and I WAS LATE T_T. NOT COOL MAN. The bus driver took such a long long longggg time to get to Ngee Ann. Definitely off to a bad start, but luckily I noticed that there was a girl on the bus who also had camping stuff with her. HAHA, LATE TOGETHER :D -does a weird little Sammy dance-. Turns out we were in the same group together. SO FATED. HAHA, her name is Joxanne :) She is SUPER adorable, even my group mentor was calling her Cute Stuff. Oh, and it was kinda an awkward entrance coz WeiCheng (guy from work) was also at the same camp, the moment I entered he shouted my name REALLY LOUDLY. It was a totally OH GOD WHY moment. But yeah, I don't think anyone really noticed, so YAY :D. I went over to my group and this really pretty and cute girl with HUGE eyes was asking for my name and introduced herself as my group mentor. :) Her name is Eunice, really awesome awesome person. I was like really awkward there coz I didn't really have anyone to talk to so I just smiled and minded my own business for awhile before HuiYing and Emelia started talking to me and Tricia shouted across the group for my name. HAHA. SO SO AWKWARD. Thank God for the introduction session. HAHA, managed to catch everyone's names then :D whoot whooot. And that was the time whereby I started showing off my navel piercing. I AM A PROUD OWNER OK. HAHA. I would write about how the camp was like and its contents but I really don't wanna spoil it for anyone. It really is a camp worth going for and definitely a GET FAT CAMP if you don't control yourself. HAHA. :)

The mentors at camp were really inspiring, fun and so ever ready to serve it really touched me. It's kinda a weird thing to hear on the first day of camp when someone says "We are really here to serve you and we are all so excited to have every single one of you here with us" I don't know about how the others felt but I was really blown away when Leslie (ANOTHER AWESOME AND PRETTY MENTOR) said that. I was really touched and really impressed due to the fact it kinda made me feel really loved for someone to say that and it really made me think about my own leadership experience in YC this year. I was just really wow-ed by her statement. They really were ready to serve and ever so eager to get to know every single one of us, they can just come up to us randomly and talk to us and it was a really great experience. Oh gosh I'm tearing now. HAHA. Issues. I really really miss camp. Sigh. 

But yeah, I was so touched by everyone who made this camp happen and secretly proud to know that so many of the mentors are Chrtistians/Catholics, it really did prompt me to reflect on my own spiritual life and on how I could be like them changing someone's life. The camp also gave me a whole reality check on judging people. I SO SO WANNA TALK ABOUT THEIR SESSIONS BUT I DONT WANNA RUIN IT FOR ANYONE. GAHHH. But I really do miss everyone from camp, my team mates: Joxanne, Tricia, Dhaniah, Hui Qin, Shi Ying, Hui Ying, Gina, Shafiqah, Emelia, my awesome mentor Eunice :(, the ROHEI staff, the mentors. Sigh. :( 

I was really surprised with myself when I wasn't really all that emotional and upset on the last day of camp, at first I was really shocked and horrified at the fact I might have just treated this like another camp and not really bothered too much about it. The thought of this made me wanna cry a little just thinking about how maybe I really am not open and positive to things that were taught to me. It took me awhile to realise this but the reason why I'm not upset that camp ended is because I know the goodbyes said at camp aren't meant to be forever. It makes me happy to know that the friends made at this camp are the ones I will definitely be seeing again due to the fact we went through this life changing experience together :) really mad mad love for TCP camp. 

Sammy Valentina 

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