Sunday, October 7, 2012

Imma SWOLLEN PIG and my time at beach ops.

It's nearing the last week of my holidays :'( WEHHHH. HAHA, okay I've got 3 things to address in this post 1. How I spent my holidays 2. Why I'm a swollen pig 3. WHAT I'M INTENDING TO DO THIS LAST WEEK IF MY FACE ALLOWS IT :D 

1. HAHA, I've been working at sentosa beach operations these past few weeks :) it's been an awesome experience. If y'all didn't know THIS IS MY FIRST JOB EVER. :D Whoooohooo. HAHA. The people there are crazy awesome and friendly :) So basically I met, Lutfi, Benyamin, Hyekel, Eugenius, Ben Huang, Benjamin, Leonard Tok, Serene, Charmaine, Gaz, Tas, Uncle Quek, Yamin, Yamini, Jermyn, Kymberly, Wei Ting, Uncle Gary, Yazhid, Randon, Andrew, Jon Chan, Lester, Cheng Yi, Chan, Chong, Gerome, Favian, Hao Sheng, Julian, Aidi, Zylyna, Sean Lee Jr., Darren, Wei Cheng, Gerald, Aaron, Kai, OMG SO SO MANY AWESOME PEOPLE :') I'm so lucky to have met them hee. This is the most awesome bunch of people you'll ever meet :'). They've really became family to me :) gonna miss them so so so much when school starts :( but I'll definitely wanna work whenever I can! :) Hee. And yeah basically over the holidays I've been going crazy, rushing here and there, getting my navel piercing and eating :D OH GOSHHH I HATE THE FACT I CAN'T EAT NOW :'( WEHHH. I WANT MY FOOD, I WANNA GO FOR BUFFET, I WANNA EATTTT. Oh gosh, this is like memoirs of a fat girl. HAHA. But seriously, I WANNA EAT :'(, sigh, with my next semi's crazy schedule I hope I do get time to eat at all :(. ANYWAYS, HAHA I tried to go shopping during the holidays with Puffy, but I guess I lost my shopping stamina and after knowing how hard it is to earn my own money WALAO, I REFUSE TO SPEND A CENT ON USELESS STUFF CAN. HAHA. So, during the holidays I actually got my wisdom teeth pulled out! Moving on to the next point now...

2. Why I'm a swollen pig, well being the idiot I was I thought it would been super convenient to pull out all 4 of my wisdom teeth since the holidays and everything, but HELL WAS I WRONG. OMG its super sad can, spending my last week of my holidays eating super soft food coz of the stitches :'( I'm sadd, to make things worse MY FACE IS LIKE TWICE IT'S USUAL SIZE thanks to my stupid decision to remove all 4 at once :'( I hate my face. WEHH, PUFFY'S COMING HOME FROM THAILAND TOMRROW, MY FACE NEEDS TO MAGICALLY SHRINK OR SOMETHING. I've been waking up from the aching of my chipmunk cheeks :(. Ouch, really DO NOT PULL OUT ALL 4 OF YOUR WISDOM TEETH AT ONCE, IT'S A BLOODY STUPID DECISION. OMG. WHY DID I DO THIS IS MYSELF. HAHA, But on the happier note :) my daddy is really proud of me for being so brave and decide all by myself to pull out all 4 of them :') AWWW. Warmed my heart :) hehe.. GUYS PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SWELLING TO GO DOWN :'( IT'S REAL BAD. HAHA

3. How I'm hoping to spend the rest of my holidays, I WANNA GO EAT AT LEAST ONE BUFFET :'( I REALLY DO. Then mope about how I've got school from 9 to 6 on tues and weds. SHIT. I've got to wake up at 5 plus on mondays since school starts at 8 am and on thurs and fri I'll be going to school for 3 and 2 hours respectively. NOT COOL MAN. WHAT KINDA TIMETABLE IS THIS. SO SO SO SO SO NOT COOL. Well, at least I've got Denise in my class :') WHEEEEE. HAHAH. SO HAPPY I GOT HER. But at the same time really upset we had to change classes :'( I'm gonna miss Gracine, Gabby and everyone else :'( WEHHHH. Okay, so the last week of holidays I'm gonna go eat a buffet and get my pig face to be my normal face. SIGH. I REALLY MISS MY NORMAL FACE. THIS IS SOOO UGLY. OMG. CAN DIE. Anyhoo, hope y'all have been great :) will have more time to update this blog once school reopens to whine about how my life sucks :'( HAHA. 

Sammy Valentina ♥

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