Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hello people hope you guys have been well! :) as you all should know by now THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS FOR USA IS CURRENTLY GOING ON :D So, like promised in the title, this is a rage post which is not suppose to pose as any form of insult to any of the candidates at all :), disclaimer done, so let's move on to the rage bitch part.

So this morning I tweeted something saying that we should vote for obama, it was all for fun and because I genuinely respect Obama as a person and I do think he has been a really good president for the US, plus I really LOVE the fact he is PROCHOICE. But apparently, this particular person had something against the very fact I just support Obama. He started saying things like, "HE'S PROCHOICE WHAT GOOD IS THAT?!" and things like "he says gay marriage is ok! what can the future be with him?" I didn't really understand his super strong reaction and asked him why he makes prochoice sound like a bad thing, and he replied "means you have to go against humanity's decisions. And feel free to sin against God!'. So by this point I could tell he was really super bloody against Obama just because Obama is freaking prochoice, so I decided to reply him that Obama was simply respecting people's decisions to be who they want to be, God gave a free will, so nobody really has the right to take that away. He went, "respecting is one decision, but knowing the truth is another altogether. Obama doesn't know the truth at all", at this point I really didn't want to bother arguing with him because well, I respect his decision and his views but I intend to keep mine. Oh btw, I have NO IDEA what he meant by the "truth" if you guys are having the question in your head as well. I really have NO IDEA. I just take it that he meant the truth as in the truth is to not allow gay marriages and things like that.

So I thought that episode was over, because I could really feel the tension, like I was replying him for fun but his replies were super pushy and super set in his ways. I really do love this guy as a friend, but yeah, apparently after the next episode I take it that I'm not good enough to be his friend.

So in the evening after I got home, I received a reply from THIS SAME GUY regarding another tweet of mine which I tweeted when I was in class after watching Michelle Obama's speech saying I really wanted Obama to win, and he started saying "BOO BOO! Sorry don't get personal :) hahaha" so I took it that he was joking and just replied him in a joking matter saying "IT'S PERSONAL. YOU IDIOT. HAHAH. I KIDDD :)". He suddenly replied me "I know you are a sweet catholic girl" and I'm once again in the what-the-hell-why-suddenly-pull-in-the-religion-stunt-again mode, but I still thought he was joking and I was slightly annoyed he kept trying to pull in catholicism so I just tweeted him to "don't make all catholics seem so blinded by faith eh! Pro choice! It's like PRO FREE WILL!".

He on the other hand decided to drive the conversation into a whole new other direction and went "if you say so why not we use condoms & have sex before marriage", at this point, my patience was running bloody low, so I simply replied "so if Obama isn't president, Romney can stop people from using condoms and premarital sex?" and he replies me "at least he(romney) doesn't promote it" and claimed that Christian Catholic churches forced to practice against our belief because of Obama. WHATTHEHELLLL. I was still trying to keep the conversation fun and non-personal so I just said "Obama doesn't promote, hahah, accepting doesn't equal promoting" and I decided to drop in the "love thy neighbor" quote in there as well. Just love everyone equally, we're not God to judge, if God can love gays equally, what gives us the right to discriminate them and not give them equal jobs?! 

He then replies, the most fucking offensive tweet I've ever gotten EVER, "well I guess you got blinded by secularism congrats the devil has won u:) cheers all the best". That was fucking low. Fucking brainless. Fucking uncalled for. I was so pissed off, I still am. If y'all didn't know I get really pissed when people comment on others' faith lives. Not just mine. No one has the bloody right to deem anyone "less holy" than he or she is. Honestly, WHO HE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS?! I think it's utter bullshit that JUST BECAUSE I SUPPORT OBAMA, I'M AN ATHEIST. 

The worst part is he continues to make a huge deal about it saying I MADE A MISTAKE. Whatthehell. Really. No idea what his problem is. If he was gonna talk religious, he's the one with tattoos and shit 
"Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves.
I am the Lord." - Leviticus 19:28
please by all means don't be a pretentious idiot, self righteous fool.

I really get super annoyed when people blame Obama for everything, the recession, gay's existence, premarital sex etc, please don't be so bloody deluded that THESE THINGS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED IF OBAMA WASN'T PRESIDENT. I think it's never okay to bring in someone's religion, ever. Okay. It's not okay to say it's not personal and then pull in my religion.

The best part is that he's making it seem like I asked for his opinion when I really wasn't, he replied my tweets and he was super stuck up and set in his ways. Annoying asshole. He based his whole ANTI OBAMA thing on this ONE SMALL AREA ALONE. NARROW MINDED DOUCHE.

Just to be cleared I'm not promoting homosexuality at all, I'm just like Obama, I'm prochoice, it's not my life, I have no right to dislike them or disrespect them because they're humans just like ME. They are created by God and they are LOVED by Him as well. No one has the right to look down on them or take away their freedom or rights.


Peace out people! :)
Sammy Valentina ♥

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