Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sorta first official day of school :D

Heyyy guyyys :D 
So today was like, the FIRST official day of school since yesterday was IS, so it doesn't really count :). So, in the morning I kinda overslept :/ by like 10 mins. IT'S ALOT OKAY. When you live like halfway across the country from your school, 10 mins is really a lot of time :(. So yeah, I rushed a shower and practically flew out of the house. I was like deliberating between taking the shuttle bus or 151e in the shower. Usually by the time I get to the shuttle bus the queue will be really long, and since it's the first day of school and everything I thought it would really be alot longer than usual, but if I took 151e I would have to CROSS THE OVERHEAD BRIDGE TO SCHOOL. THE HORROR. Ah wells, in the end I stuck to taking 151e, since I took it before and even though it's costly, it really doesn't make a difference since I keep forgetting to buy my bus concession and I'm paying the adult fare since I'm in poly. (pfffft) Haha, the bus was CRAZY CROWDED I TELL YOU. Thank God, I stay closer to the interchange so I managed to get a seat :D whoot whoot! HAHA, met up with Denise at munch and we headed to class together, we kinda threw away half a cup of our drinks each :( oopsie. It was SUPER AWKWARDDDD when we reached the class coz everyone was just doing their own thing and like, we didn't even know anyone there. It was really really awkward.

Even when our tutorial started, we still didn't know half our classmates' names. OMG, to be honest, I know their names coz I keep checking mel for the groups and stuff. But we really didn't talk at all. SOOO AWKWARD. HAHA, gracomm was okay I guess :), so far I'm fineee with it I? I LOVE THE LECTURER :D HE'S SO CUTE, LIKE A LITTLE ASIAN SANTA CLAUS! THE WAY HE TALKS AND EVERYTHING. But yeah, the software has a lot more stuff compared to photoshop :( so I'm very very concerned considering the fact I really suck at photoshop or anything related to digital stuff at all. -sigh- Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon :(

After class, Denise and I went to Sakae sushi after getting my new textbooks. OH MY GOSH, THE TEXTBOOKS ARE SO HEAVY AND EXPENSIVE. THEY COST NEARLY $70. NOT COOL MAN. NOT COOL. Lunch at Sakae went a lot better than expected :) Hee. Was really great seeing Denise again! Gracine and Gabrielle joined us after awhile. Omg, there was this one moment whereby Denise was showing the "LOSER" hand sign and asked Gabby to read the hand, both Gabby and I said "L" at the same time. HAHAH. It was really really funny! After lunch we had a 5 hour lecture. SUPER EXCITING. I'll blog more when I get home or something :D need to head to church for wedding rehearsal! :)

With Love, 
Sammy Valentina ♥

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