Monday, October 13, 2014

Blue and used

Disclaimer: This is not going to be a funny post. 

I'm in a really shit mood right now to be honest. 

One because one of my bestest friends is going through something really shit right now and two because I'm feeling really used and taken advantaged off.

Firstly, people need to start being more responsible of their actions. People tend to forget that what they do to hurt themselves will eventually affect the people who genuinely care about them. 

My motto in life is to never get so caught up in my own pain that I undermine someone else's pain. I cannot allow myself to be that way. Savior complex or not, loving others has always been the one thing that has been keeping me sane. 

So it really breaks my heart when I see someone I love suffering for faults that are not even theirs to begin with and taking on responsibilities that are way too much to handle. 

If you are going through something like this right now, please always remember that:

1) You are loved
2) You will get through it
3) Blaming yourself will NOT help the situation at all
4) Feeling sorry for yourself will make you feel more shit than you already do

(this one's for you bby, I know you don't wanna call and talk, please don't despair, I love you and I promise I won't force you to go with me to spooktacular if you don't wanna)

Okay there's that and there is the fact that I am really really not that dumb. I can tell when someone is using me and you are really not being very subtle to be honest. 

If you're not gonna put in effort in even being a decent friend, we are never gonna advance beyond that. 

I don't mind helping you out, but seriously I'm starting to feel like you only text me when you need something or contacts. 

So, stop yourself. 

If you just need someone to help you with your work just be frank and say you wanna hang out because I have contacts, do not go all romantic and flirty with me because that's just rude and a bit saddening.  

I think it's BS when someone says he wants to get to know me but ends up never really asking about me. 

So check yourself or check out of my life. There's a difference between being nice and a pushover and Sammy is definitely not afraid to call it out as it is.  


Okay rage post done. I would apologise for all the anger and sadness in this post, but I am going to keep things real on this blog so other than the funny epic fails be ready for the emotional rage stuff from time to time as well. 

Once again if you're reading this and have any thoughts you wanna convey to me, just leave a comment or contact me across my social media platforms. Gonna include my email in the information box. 

With love,
xoxo Sammy Valentina 

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