Sunday, November 2, 2014

My life is a joke #1


It's already November!!! PRAISE DA LORD, just one more month and 25 days to Christmas WHOOOOHOOOOO. I need to start planning for gifts, or whether I should even buy gifts for people. MEHHHH. 

Anywho, I had a pretty eventful Friday, did not really get to celebrate Halloween because I felt all Halloween-ed out after all the horror movies and media previews to the Halloween events that last night I could not even bring myself to get all pumped to go out and party. Boooooooooooo. 

Friday started off with me forgetting to bring my office pass. This resulted in me having to stand at the door waving at my colleagues to get them to open the door for me. Insanely dumb. Omg. The reason why I forgot to bring my pass was really because I saw it dropping out of my bag the night before and I thought to myself, 

"I'll definitely see it tomorrow and put it back in my bag."

We all know THAT never happened. So there was that. Then later that day, Nat was singing the Old Macdonald song and our version went like this:

Both of us: WITH A....(realises I sang something wrong)
Me: Did I just say 'on his farm he had a farm'?  
Nat: I don't know I couldn't even hear what you said. 
Me: What sound does a farm even make?!?!?

I then proceeded to laugh about it and kept giggling about it the whole day. HAHHAA. Towards the end of the day Nat was telling me about this buyer who kept trying to reduce the price of this item she was selling on carousell and I showed her

If you have not visited this blog before YOU NEED TO. Some of the posts are so damn funny. 

Here are my top two favourite ones: 
Photo credits:

Photo credits:

I cannot even begin to describe how hard I laughed just reading these two. THE BRA ONE. SERIOUSLY I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. 

Where is your bra?
Why do you not have a bra on you?
How does one just forgets her bra?!??!!??!
How do you even know the bra fits you?
WHAT YOU DOING GIRL?!?!?!!?????????

Omg, I died. HAHAHA, check out Carouhell, it's really quite epic. Just PLEASE DONT EMOTION. HAHAHAHAH.

After the long day I met up with Mel at Fish Soup, and after ordering my food I realised that I LEFT MY FREAKING WALLET AT THE OFFICE. Because I usually bring out this Tote bag I have in the office for lunch and my wallet was in there. LEGIT EPIC FAIL. OMG. And because I left my pass at home, I couldn't go back to the office to take it. OHGAWDWHY. I was ready to kill myself there and then. I think I went full retard and you NEVER go full retard. 

It's even funnier because when I was coming back from lunch I was singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and the security guard auntie was like "Girl, so happy today ah?" and I went "BECAUSE IT'S FRIDAAYYYYYY". Meaning, my happiness was derived from the fact I did not have to go back to the office the next day, but NOOOOO I had to leave my wallet in the office. UGH. 

Was supposed to go back today to get it, but I was so busy today. I think I can last the weekend without my wallet. HAHAHA. 

Hope you lovelies are having a better weekend than I do, if anything, you guys have your wallets with you. Thank you for taking the time to read this till the end, you are a lovely person and I appreciate you -BIGHUGS- feel free to contact me on my social media k? 

Here's a picture of my beautiful bestie who paid for everything because I no wallet. HAHAH. love you MelMel <3.

With love,
xoxo Sammy Valentina 

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