Monday, May 30, 2016

PSA: If y'all need some loving I'm coming home

Good morning Singapore!!!

Omg it's been so long since I've blogged I literally forgot what was the standard font I used to write in. I apologise to those who actually bother reading my blog. I have come to accept that I am actually a pretty busy person so I AM VERY SORRY. I also prefer real life interaction as compared to you just reading my life off a screen coz you gotta admit, if you don't know me in real life you're basically just reading my 3am thoughts of a screen. As much as I'm flattered that you bothered, WHY DON'T YOU JUST TALK TO ME I'M REALLY NICE. 

Anywho, there's is just so much to update on my life to be honest. For once, I have no summary for what the blogpost is gonna be on because I'm literally struggling to fall asleep and recently I was reminded of this blog's existence. Can I just say I'm realising how fully narcissistic the huge banner I have of my face is and I regret hard HAHAHA. But it's a pretty cutesie photo of me so I'm just gonna leave it there for a bit, at least till I'm free to play around with the html of this thing. 

But I guess the whole focus of this blogpost would be just a random PSA to announce that:

Oh what do you know, I guess there is a point to this blogpost after all HAHAHAH. But yeah, for those who have missed my presence please know that June is the month you have me physically there in your life again. Please do know that even tho I wasn't physically around for a bit I am still readily available through texts and social media for y'all to contact me so really it should feel as if I've never left. 

If you do feel like you need me to physically be there coz texting is not your thing, I'm here for you in June :) heh. 

So yes, please do contact me if you wanna hang. I'll probably be trying to meet up with everyone I freaking know in the world because I am a super needy and overly attached person. I'm not sure if you know this, but as my friend you're sort of stuck with me for life. I don't care if we just used to go to the same school together and barely spoke, or if I just met you through another friend and we are on a hi and bye basis, in Sammy's world there is really no such thing as acquaintances, you are my friend. You gotta deal with it, sorry. HAHAH. 

But yeah I wanna know all about you. What's been going on in your life, the highs, the lows, heartbreaks or new loves, losses and gains, new mad skillz you picked up, what you realised you are bad at literally E V E R Y T H I N G. Honestly, just catch up with me man. I'm all ears, I probably miss you more than you know. If I don't that's coz I don't know you yet and we can defo change that :) so yeah, lemme know if you wanna hang. My social media stuff are all on the right so, go crazy you. I will definitely be back by mid June so just text me and I will put you into my calendar :) xoxo.

I'm also intending to travel a little during this break tbh so please book me so I know when not to fly away. I think right now to me it's all about the experience and living life a little before life becomes focused on working on my career and building a family and all that kinda real real adult stuff. As a pseudo adult I can assure you that adulting so far has not been the most fun. Uni is hard tbh. Life is basically tough but Sammy deals. As of now I have intentions to venture into diving since I've always been obsessed with water and marine life anyway, so Imma talk to the daddy and see if he's for it. Lord please lemme interact with fishes in the near future -fingers crossed-.

I'm apparently supposed to try out skydiving as well but that's a huge ?????????? for me still. But I might just YOLO and go for it since it's a once in a life time experience... I might die, but it might work out considering how hard uni is actually HAHAH. I'm kidding don't worry. I'm also intending to travel with my besties coz we are overly attached and I love them much. I think I should brace daddy that I might have to be a burden again. #oopsie

Haha I have some other updates on hand, but I don't think now is the right time to announce anything so bear with me. I'll honestly put in a bit more effort into updating this blog. I suck, I know. Thank you for still reading the shit I put up anyway, if you made it this far down the post please lemme know so I can give you a virtual hug or a candy bar irl if that's your preferred choice for poison. I love you much. Thank you for giving a shit. 


Please help me out with keeping our friendship/relationship alive. Because I can honestly sense how busy I can be in my efforts to meet up with every person I care about; which is basically everyone in my life, so if you don't bother to really set plans with me you probably will not get to see me. Then you'll have to wait till Christmas or next Easter depending on when I'm back again in Singapore. Why would you do that to us tho? I should be staying in Singapore till early September so you have 3 months of your schedule to play around with heh. 

I think I should head to bed now it's going to 4am here in Newcastle. But here's a little gif on what I've learnt these few weeks coz it has been a real stressful but crazy exciting time for Sammy. I think this photoset just makes sense to me. Will post updates on that part of my life when I'm ready and if there is more to update I promise

I love you so very much if you made it to the end of this post. Really hope to hear from you, -hugs- if you're looking for real time updates please feel free to add me up on snapchat yeah? @sammycharlotte. You are super awesome and very loved <3

With love,
xoxo Sammy Valentina 

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