Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's been cray: Uni shenanigans and other stuff

HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! /waves excitedly/

It has been forever since I last blogged. I know. I suck at this commitment thing to blogging. People who constantly blog everyday/every week, you are amazing. keep up the good work. ANYWHO, quick update on my life:


SAMMY IS GOING TO UNIVERSITY. YAYYYYY. I had such a hard time making university decisions to be honest, and I think I was really damn annoying during that time. The first decision I had to make was whether or not I should even go to university. 

Those who do not know, I am graduating with a diploma in Mass Communication from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. My diploma is really the best communication diploma ever. I feel such a deep sense of pride telling people about my diploma programme because it is so well-rounded. I feel like I am definitely ready to go out into the industry and start working full time due to all that I've learnt (yes, the school trains us THAT well). 

I had to decide whether or not I wanted to pursue a degree in the first place. I spoke to my dad about it and he voted for me to go ahead and pursue a degree. So onwards a degree I went. 

The following decisions I had to make were which university and course. Local universities' GPA cut off points are ridiculous. Most of the courses require you to get above 3.7, which is equivalent to mostly As and B+s for your 28 to 34 modules and maybe one or two Bs, I think getting ONE C+ is the max number of C+s you can get. It is crazy intense. 

Obviously I am not a 3.7 (not that I didn't try my best to be) but I still did relatively well. I'm not really overly upset over the fact I cannot get into most of the local universities though. 

There was no course I was dying to get into and I felt like the communication courses local unis have to offer will not be able to give me a whole lot more than what I have already learnt. Why waste another 4 years learning things I know? 

It was then the time to explore the more exciting (and pricey) option of overseas education. I went to USA last year and I absolutely LOVED THE PLACE. Sigh, I miss America so much. 

Getting back on point, I really really wanted to go to USA to study, because I am still so in love with the people there and how laid-back they are there. My crazy love for USA died a little the moment I started looking up tuition prices and the fact I have to take the SATs (boo). So bye bye USA, we will meet again. 

I then looked up UK and AUS universities. AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITIES ARE INSANELY EXPENSIVE TOO. Eventually I explored the UK option and I am so damn glad I did. I went for roadshows to meet representatives from various universities and since I love what I'm already doing, I decided to stick with communication as the course to pursue. 

Thank God I have great people around me. Sam Barnes who already applied to UK unis was a whole lot of help, from advising the best universities to go for comms as well as to take note of universities in the Russell Group. So I owe her a whole lot for the advice during this process (Love you bunny). 

I ended up getting accepted by both Newcastle University and The University of Warwick for their comms courses. /DANCES AROUND IN JOY/

I would love to go to Warwick, but they can only accept me for their first year while Newcastle accepted me for entrance straight into the second year, Warwick's tuition fees were also a lot higher than Newcastle's (plus Bunny is already in Newcastle), so I chose to accept Newcastle's offer. 

To add to all this excitement, GRACINE IS GOING TO NEWCASTLE WITH ME. Hehehe, her parents trust her with me and I think we both help keep each other grounded. So thank God. Two of my best girlfriends going to the same university with me, not much more I can complain about. 


If you are from Newcastle/the UK and somehow reading this post, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TALK TO ME, my social media links are on the left. I really want to get to know you and to hopefully meet you in UK when I get there. 

I will definitely update everyone in SG on when I'm leaving for UK. It will probably be during during the period of 20-23 Sept. I will be back home for Christmas so y'all can still buy presents for me. HAHA. But yeah, UK is definitely happening. I am in the process of booking my accommodations, it is a crazy exciting time.

I am going to get a new macbook pro for Uni, just a matter of getting it here or in UK. Probably gonna get the Macbook Pro retina or just the Macbook Pro. SO EXCITED HEHEH. I am a very expensive investment I hope my father will not live to regret and one that will hopefully reap loads of rewards.

I know this is not the first time I've mentioned my Youtube channel but I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE it will happen. By the time I get to UK or by the first week I'm there, the channel is gonna be up (I hope). 

I was thinking of having the channel as a vlogging channel or just a show for me to whine and tell everyone back home how much I miss them (and chicken rice). If you have anything you wanna see on my yet-to-be-set-in-motion-because-I-am-a-busy-bitch Youtube show, please comment or contact me to let me know. I live to please -winks-. 

Oh, I should set up a Youtube channel to put my covers up too... Hmm.. Well, I will decide on all of these when I actually have the time to do my Youtube Channel up proper. Please bear with me.

Lastly, I finally completed my orthodontic journey (for now). After almost three years I have finally got my braces off. Yippee. I have also gotten new glasses. I'm really trying to be one of those people who go out of the house in glasses and believe I look good in them. I really am trying. 

If you have made it through the whole post up to this point, thank you so much for giving me your time. I love you so much. You are a lovely person and I appreciate you -BIGHUGS-. Please feel free to contact me on my social media. I reserve to right to ignore people who weird me out. Here are some selfies of me without braces and with my new glasses hehe.


I know I know, the glasses are huge, but I like them and they make my face smaller. So bite me. HAHA

Crazy love my dad for pushing me towards my dreams and for his unending love and support in every decision I make. So thankful. Really just want to make him proud. 

Will definitely upload picts of my angels Sam and Gracine soon. Hehe. Thank you God for great people in my life. Please if you ever need someone to remind you that you are worth loving and not alone, talk to me. Goodnight you beautiful soul.

With love,
xoxo Sammy Valentina 


  1. Aww! sounds really great darling!!! UK is gonna be so exciting!! Super excited for you!! Cant wait for more updates & yes youtube channel pls!!!