Tuesday, July 10, 2012


OHMYGOSH. HAHAHAHHA I ALMOST SPELT HAPPY AS HABBY. HAHAHAHAH RETARDEDDD. Anyways, IT'S MY DADDY'S BIRTHDAY TODAY :D hehe I bought him a bottle of red wine. HAHA. Adriel took a cab down to meet me, because I am underaged so he has to buy the red wine for me. HAHA. BUT I PAID OKAY. HAHA. So yeah, after that daddy came to fetch us, we tried really hard to hide the cake, but apparently he saw it when he was fetching us. SHITTTTT. HAHAH, :) but yeah, it was fun. My dad was being bitchy ruining the whole birthday fun. When I switched off the fan he was like, 'Eh why don't on the fan, weather not hot meh?' HAHAHAH. After that we had the cake cutting ceremony :D. HAHA. I almost spelt cake as cat. I love my daddy :) hee. He has always been there for me, supporting me, and just loving me in his own silent way. He may not be the really talkative kind, but he is the really dependable and loving kind :). I love him a lot. He is my motivation to really do well in my studies coz I wanna be able to look after him when he grows older like how he looked after me. Okay, I'm getting really emotional. CHANGE TOPICCCC.

I got back my writcomm test results today :D. I was really dreading the return of this paper coz it was really out-of-the-world kinda hard :(. WEH. But yeah :) I did a lot better than I expected to do. I expected to fail. Really badly. HAHA. But I didn't :D I got 32/40! WHOOOOOTS. WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOO. SO HAPPYYYYYYY. HAHA. I am really not a mugger btw. HAHA, I am just a very lucky girl with a pretty good memory :) so yup, I AM NOT A MUGGER. 

Today was like a roller coaster, day started off kinda bad but went up,up  AND AWAYYYYY~. Roller coaster is the wrong kind of metaphor to use isn't it ._. ... It was like a hot air ballooooon.... Not really.... AH YOU GET MY DRIFT. HAHA. Oh Adriel managed to score pretty good boyfriend points today with my daddy :) coz he paid for the cake and all. HAHA. :) YAY. Okay, I'm gonna go now. 

xoxo Sammy Valentina ♥

P.S THATS ADRIELLLL :D HEHEHE. the girl behind is my cousin. HAHAHA. She's enjoying life seating on the massage seat and eating crackers. HAHAH. BYE.

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