Saturday, July 7, 2012


HAHA, haven't been blogging for awhile and since I'm so bored and I've got nothing to do I've decided to create a WHOLE NEW BLOG! :D HAHAH! So many new things in my life right now. I've got really long hair, I've got braces, I started making video covers on my Facebook, I've got a new hamster from my bro Johnathan Fan, I'm the secretary of Risen Christ's Youth Council, I'm in Ngee ann Poly studying Mass communication, IMMA GODMA and well the biggest change is that I HAVE A BOYFRIEND NOW. HAHHA. Like for real, a real boyfriend. HAHA. So yup, that pretty much sums up the huge changes in my life recently :)

Right now I'm watching Soloman Kane, alone. Totally freaking out. It's not pretty. HAHA. "The Dark Knight Rises" advertisement is on now... I haven't watched a single Batman movie, from as long as I remember. HAHA, I kinda wanna mask my face, but I'm sooooo lazyyyy. Spent time with my mum today, not the best use of time... Haha, well at least we didn't fight that much today. -shrugs-. My stupid cat Blackjack bit me really hard just now :(. He is eating now. He's a pig I swear. A PIG IN CAT'S CLOTHING. He got a new collar recently, haha, it has a little bell on it so we know where he is :). 

School is pretty good so far. Had some problems with certain people, but somehow things often work out well. :) Doing quite okay on my grades :) except for digital photography... I do not work well with cameras :( at all. Ah wells, I'm doing my best, I guess that's all that kinda counts... HAHAH. Not really. I REALLY WANT A GOOD GPA :( WEHHHHHH. Oh gosh, the movie is damn scary. HAHA. "If I kill you, I'm going to hell. But that is a price I'll bloody pay" AWESOME SHITTT, the accent is really hot. :D hehe.

Getting spammed on twitter thanks to Aloy spelling Taohuay as TaoHUI. HAHA, really funnyyyy. My damn cat is trying to run out again :'(. Assss.

I miss so many people in my life. Haven't really had much time for anyone except my boyfriend. Like I've got so many things to do, so many people to meet, so much shit to deal with at home, I don't wanna lose myself at all. I'm so scared sometimes. Like I feel that I'm losing people who are really dear to me. I feel pushed away by people who I care about. I'm so sick and tired of trying to be there for people who exaggerate their problems when so many other people have bigger problems. My tolerance level has been pretty low, I guess I just had enough of people whining over the same damn thing over and over again. Like seriously, get over it. How about learning from it instead of dwelling on it? How the hell does dwelling help you in any damn way? I just don't get. And because I've lost patience for these kinda people I become the bad person, I become the excluded one, I'm the one who apparently push them away. Been feeling rather alone in the friends department of my life. Like no one really has time for me anymore. But thank God for people like Lester, Parry, Michael and Twinneh. People who constantly never fail to make me feel special, important, needed and loved. People who showed me they really care when I was feeling really down in my life and I never stop thanking God for them. Of course not excluding Adriel who is always there for me, constantly motivating me and loving me. I guess in terms of friends, its not how many people you know, but by who is there for you when no one is. 

HAHA, this post is so messy. so random then suddenly so emotional. It's my first post. I'll be back :) OH FUDGEEEE A BLOODY BEETLE JUST CAME FLYING TOWARDS ME. I ALMOST DIED. TIME TO GO!

xoxo Sammy Valentina 

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