Monday, July 9, 2012

Random post in class!

Haha, hi guysss! I'm in IJ now and I'm writing a blog post! :D Watch out we got a bad ass over here! Haha! Yeah the one on the right is grace :) She's awesome! Even though she skipped S&W today and left me alone to fend for myself :'(. But yeah, S&W was really fun :) Even though we had to really run a lot today :(. Haha, defenders are really the runners during the game, its so hard to look behind you :'(. I am like really tired. But still! :) thanks to my awesome S&W classmates it was really fun! :) Haha, because Grace left me alone for S&W I was all alone waiting for IJ to start :(, for those who don't know IJ stands for Idea Jumpstart, it's like a module in Ngee Ann that encourages us to be creative, haha. It's not really that bad :) but yeah, I would prefer to not come for it since I'm all tired and sweaty from netball :(. Haha. :) So, while waiting for IJ to start I headed to the Ngee Ann library which is FREAKING BIG btw. I kinda got lost in there and I was trying to choose books that were reliable, so yeah, I spent more time in there than I expected to spend, and ended up being late instead of early for IJ ;x ooopsie. Haha, with Grace now :) we're like the only ones doing work in our group -.-. Pfft. It's okay! :D we are both awesome people who can HANDLE IT! Yeah! GIRL POWERRRR! Okay, I'm slightly high HAHA. 

Gonna head over to Puffy's coz he is sick :( wehhhh. Shall buy porridge, bean curd and juice for him :) <3 her. I'll post another post tonight if I can! :D OH GOSH, DREAMWEAVER TEST TOMORROW. NOT FUNNYYYY. DIE DIE DIE DIE.

xoxo Sammy Valentina ♥

P.S Haha, I masked my face last night and freaked out when I saw my reflection on my laptop screen thinking it was a ghost. HAHAHAHAH FREAKING LOSER! Haha, byeeee! :)

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