Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hi guys, I'm back. HAHAH. I AM REALLY BOREDDDD. I swear I'm just gonna keep spamming this blog in my free time, because I have that many things to talk about and I have so many things in my BIG BIG BRAIN :D HEHE Medsoc is fun :) I am really gonna miss medsoc next sem :( Im gonna miss Miss Tess loads. She's so niceeee :D <3 hahaha! And she looks like a teenager I swear, like the first time she walked into class I thought she was one of our classmates. HAHAH. Stupid. So, yeah we learnt about newspapers today, it's really not as boring as it sounds. HAHAH. :) Like we learnt about how newspapers is gonna be extinct soon and like it's gonna be a closed business soon :( that sucks. Not like I read newspapers but it's just sad that another one of our traditional stuff are gonna be goneeee :(. Sigh, first the dinosaurs, then the big cool telephones, the big televisions, the cheap food and now NEWSPAPERS ARE GONNA BE GONE. WHATTHEHELL. :( Really upset about it. Meh, hate that things are just VANISHING. FADING AWAY INTO THIN AIR :(. Boo.

Oh, the girl behind me kept kicking my chair -.- whatthehell and it's like she doesn't even apologize. So mean :(. I get really upset when people walk into lecture late then like not pay attention at all. Like firstly you're disrupting the lecture, and secondly its not like if you come in late your attendance will get marked, if you're not interested just don't come at all. Go do something you enjoy doing rather than come disrupt someone's lesson. Pfft. Ass. Last week, this group of people came in late and like kept making so much noise during lesson. ROARRRRRR. Okay, enough ranting. HAHA. :) I swear Deedee makes lectures quite fun :) Poor girl is sick :( Like, she has a sore throat. There is a flu going around I swear. I don;t feel really well either and like Adriel is sick too :( Janine and Siti are sick too. Gosh, EVERYONE'S FALLING SICK. THE WORLD IS ENDING. IT'S A SIGN. HAHA. I have issues. Oh gosh I am really tired. Still have writcomm lecture coming up. No idea what we're gonna do today. HAHA. Ahh wells :) Gonna go now. Denise says I have blogger syndrome. I agree with her. Every moment I just wanna BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG. HAHA :) Well at least I know at least one person reads it :) Hee, I love him like crazy <3.

xoxo Sammy Valentina ♥


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