Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today wasn't that bad!

Hello world! :) didn't really do much today eh, haha, went for mass to spend some time with my Father. :) I love spending time with Him. But yeahhh, I was slightly late ;x ooopsie. Haha, bus took forever to come eh :( so not exactly my fault there :). HAHA. I need to go for confession soon. Really want to make it habit to go regularly for confession but its like SO AWKWARD. Like where do you go and like how do you just go into the confession booth without like colliding with anyone or like indirectly cutting their queue :( HOW HOW! So many things to think about before going for confession :'(. Ah wells, hopefully I can go next week :). 

Went out for lunch with Michael, Lionel, Eugene and David after mass :). HAHA. We went to Jian Dao Jian~ :) I haven't been there for a really long time but apparently they go there every week after mass for lunch... I guess I can't blame people for excluding me so much since I haven't really been around ever since I got attached, school started and since I wasn't really motivated to go to church the past few weeks... Haha, Wanwan was right, I should really start putting in more effort including myself then blaming others for excluding me :). HAHA, but lunch was really fun, it wasn't awkward at all, haha, really far from what I expected :). The guys were really nice and funny. HAHA. There was one awkward moment when Pignel kinda got hit on by one of the aunties. She just started telling him that he was really handsome when all he wanted was more curry. SO AWKWARD. HAHA. :) But yeah, overall it was a nice time with the guys.

Oh oh! I saw Chris Oh and Ben Pra today during mass :), didn't really get to talk to Chris Oh coz he left after communion due to personal reasons... Hmmm. Haha, Ben Pra hanged around for awhile after mass for hugs and stuff but vanished soon after. They were both being bitchy on twitter demanding I pay each of them $50 for letting me see them today -.- Whaaaaat. HAHAH. Still love them uh :)

After lunch I went to see my mummy, but I had to buy like 10 wobblys for her. Like she wanted 10! So yeah, I looked like a retard on the bus. HAHA. I missed both different buses to her place -.- whatthehell. The weather was crazy hot so I was melting :'(. Haha. When I finally reached her place she was SLEEPING -.- so yeah, I just watched TV :(. Watched Transformers 3 :). Have a huge mega crush on Optimus Prime!! :D Heehee. I was really upset when I thought the Autobots died :'( and when the deceptions were gonna kill Bumble Bee :'(. But yeah, it was still an awesome show :) hee. 

Then after that I came back home and went for dinner with my daddy! :) To celebrate his birthday! :) It's this coming tuesday :D hehe. We went to JPpepperdine at Bras Basar :) Hee, I feel fat though :'( Wehehehehhe. Need to stop eating so much. I swear I'm like forever hungry, blooody braces make me wanna eat more food. HAHA. I had black pepper steak :D daddy had some fish and lobster thingy, which wasn't very good according to him. HAHA, but yeah :) we all had a good time just catching up and like talking about random stuff :D. Hee. After that we went to raffles city so he could buy bread for tomorrow's breakfast and for me to go buy starbucks :) my brother was whining the whole way about how we were walking over to Raffles City for Starbucks... Pfft. Pig. HAHA. :) Then we headed to Crumpler, I got kicked out coz of my Starbucks :'( weheheheheheh. So embarrassing! I really liked one of the bags though :( But I was standing outside so I couldn't like tell my dad I liked it. My brother was being an ass not wanting to help me tell my daddy. :( I looked damn dodgy standing outside Crumpler trying to get my brother to tell my daddy about the bag. Eventually I just called my brother to ask him to tell my dad about the bag and then the best thing in the world happened... MY DADDY READILY AGREED TO BUY THE BAG FOR ME :D HEHEHEHEH! SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! :) I got a new crumplier backpack that is BLUE :D HAPPY SAMMY IS HAPPY! So yeah, after that we headed home :) I swear the shops at Raffles City close really early :( we reached there around 8.45 and all the watch shops were closed so daddy couldn't see the watches :(. Ah wells, today wasn't that bad :) hee.

I didn't get to see my Puffy today though :( <3 he went fishing with his dad and brother, apparently they only caught one fish the whole day and that fish was caught by him HAHHA :). I miss my Puffy :(. Haha, we're both not feeling well :( But I can't skip school tomorrow because of my stupid S&W :( But I love S&W. :D It's so much funnnnn! HAHAH! :) Yeah, I'm kinda tired, so I'm gonna go off now! :D BYEEEEE! HAHHA. 


xoxo Sammy Valentina ♥

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