Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I love school :)

Haha! HELLO GUYSSSS :D random post before Medsoc lecture :). Yeahhhh, I'm gonna faille my webgra test :(, gosh, it was so so sooooo baddddd :(. Like 2 hours 15 mins to do both photoshop and dreamweaver was crazy :( boo. Ah wells, at least it is over now :) Haha, went for lunch with Denise, Gracine and Gabrielle :) <3 we went to the Ngee Ann Alumni Clubhouse and I had time to go buy a new notebook :D, really took lots of notes this year. HAHAH :). I love them I swear, they are freaking awesome and retarded at the same time :D <3. Ashraf joined us after awhile. :) Gabby treated us all to drinks and it was awesome :D. I LOVE HONEY LEMONNNNN. HAHAH. Oh, one point we actually started talking about how we can have a whole potluck session :) HAHA, Gabby was like "I can make sushi!" and I was like "I can make potato chips, but yeah, don't be surprised if they taste like Lays coz I am THAT GOOD" HAHAHAH. Then after that we hanged around for awhile and left. HAHA, the girls went to the toilet to like camwhore for awhile :), Gracine and Denise were damn epic, like both of them were like looking at the phone while Gabby and I were like looking in the mirror, BECAUSE THATS THE RIGHT WAY TO CAMWHORE. HAHAH. Oh, they were really funny during lunch too, haha apparently they mistook each other's order and ended up taking the other's order until they realized which one was fish. HAHA. I love them. I swear. HAHA. 

Oh, they were talking about Wicked, really upset I didn't get to catch the musical when it was in Singapore, but apparently they changed the musical. Ah wells, hahah there's a book, I SHALL READ THE BOOK :D... I will TRY TO READ THE BOOK. hahahh! :) Okay, I think I'm gonna go off now, since genius me didn't bring my laptop charger and I have 2 lectures coming up back-to-back. HAHA :) BYEEEEEE 

xoxo Sammy Valentina ♥

P.S the one on the extreme right is Gracine and the one beside me is Denise :D 
Gracine suggested we act like bimbos since this is NOT A BIMBO's blog. HAHAHHAHA OKAY. BYE

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